Malcolm X wants to give R3,000 to the malume who went viral eating nectarines with pap

The People's Blesser is also giving R2,000 to anyone who can find him

25 January 2019 - 10:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Businessman Malcolm X is offering to give the man R3,000.
Businessman Malcolm X is offering to give the man R3,000.
Image: Malcolm X/ Instagram

Businessman and People's Blesser Malcolm X is on the hunt for a man who was caught on camera eating pap with nectarines.

The video shows the man sitting with some friends at a taxi rank. He prepares his food by putting a little pap on each fruit before popping the bite-sized pieces into his mouth. He seems undeterred by the camera, despite several calls for him to look at it.

The video was shared online and in WhatsApp groups this week, drawing sharp reaction from users who debated whether the man had no other food to eat or just loved the taste of the two foods together.

Malcolm, who has previously responded to a video of a gogo eating ice cream with bread, saw the video and took to Instagram to share his action plan to "help" the man.

He asked fans to help him track down the man, offering a R2,000 reward to anyone who could do so.

Malcolm also offered to give the man R3,000 once he had found him.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE previously,Malcolm said he had made it his duty to help those he felt were in need.

"I see people that are in need and I know what that is like. I can feel their pain because I was once there. I was hungry and trying to make do with the little I had and a stranger helped me. From that moment on, I promised to always give back, especially to those who are hungry or in need."