Lerato Kganyago gets into heated #OpenUpTheIndustry debate

29 January 2019 - 15:05 By Karishma Thakurdin
Lerato Kganyago did not mince her words.
Lerato Kganyago did not mince her words.
Image: Instagram/Lerato Kganyago

Lerato Kganyago did not hold back when she exchanged words with some followers in a spicy #OpenUpTheIndustry debate. 

It all went down after Lerato tweeted about how people celebrated international celebs doing the most, but when it came to local stars the debate always reared its head. 

Lerato did not bite her tongue when one follower accused her of missing the point. 

She made it clear that she would not allow anyone to discredit her hard work. 

"What you not going to do is discredit my hard work! I bloody worked my ass off to be here, I started at the bottom gracefully, something ya'll don't want to do. When I was at the bottom, you all laughed at me, when I was brokeworking at Soweto TV because it wasn’t cool enough," she said. 

Lerato even told one follower that she would one day be on the receiving end of what she was dishing out.