Cassper's tips to get those coins was a win for his fans!

Cassper gave free business advice on the TL last night & Tsibipians can't stop singing his praises

31 January 2019 - 10:53 By Chrizelda Kekana
Cassper shared some business advice with his tweeps.
Cassper shared some business advice with his tweeps.
Image: Via Cassper Nyovest's Instagram

Cassper Nyovest decided to give back to the online community on Wednesday by sharing his secret to business success through his #BusinessClassWithCass Q&A, and it got a resounding yes from fans.

While there were a few tweeps, who wanted to reign on Cassper's parade by reminding him that he's a school dropout, the rapper proved he has the deets on how to build a thriving empire. successful business a going.

Cassper had the crowd eating from the palm of his hands when he shared his fails and wins since the establishment of Family Tree and how he's made the Cassper Nyovest name a brand to be reckoned with.

"I invested R400 and just kept reinvesting into the company. Building capital is hard work and requires discipline. For instance I had to learn the difference between my money and the company’s money. Company might be doing well but I’m broke," Cassper said.

Then he invited people to ask him questions and to give him advice.

The questions and comments flooded the rapper's timeline.

"We were actually talking about this earlier on. I don’t wanna lie hey, I don’t have the solution to end corruption cause it’s killing so many entrepreneurs. It seems like doing is the right way is the wrong way in South Africa. It’s depressing sometimes."

The rapper spoke about the corruption in the business space and how it can be discouraging to always check who's got your back.

"I usually just go with my gut. I always give people chances to prove themselves. I don’t overly commit in the beginning. People will always show their character after a lil while.

"Don’t ask for help or advice if you do not have a teachable spirit. Some of us just want help in the currency we think we need in & that is rubbish. That’s why I will forever remain a student of the game. There’s always so much more to learn. Sometimes you don’t know what you need."

Here are some of the interactions the rapper had with the aspiring business people.