Anele Mdoda slams 'fake' feminists for attacking Lauryn Hill's fans

04 February 2019 - 15:53 By Chrizelda Kekana
Anele Mdoda won't let "fake feminists" bully Lauryn Hill supporters.
Anele Mdoda won't let "fake feminists" bully Lauryn Hill supporters.
Image: Twitter/Anele Mdoda

After Lauryn Hill gave a rocking performance in Johannesburg over the weekend, "non-believers" have resorted to throwing hate at her loyal fans. Something that definitely didn't sit well with Anele Mdoda. 

The media personality is one of the people, who proudly rallied for Lauryn when there was doubt amongst South Africans over whether or not the Zion singer would pitch for her much-anticipated SA leg of her world tour.

With the exception of some sound problems, which a few people tweeted about, Lauryn proved the world wrong when she not only showed up, but showed up on time and gave one of the best shows of her career.

However, there were still people hating on Lauryn and that's when Anele stepped in.

Anele also shared how glad she was that Lauryn did her core fans proud in the face of doubt and asked people not to dilute other people's dreams.

She used singer Shekhinah as an example of someone whose dream came true when she met Lauryn.

Some followers personalised Anele's tweets and tagged Rami Chuene, implying that the actress was one of the "non-believers" Anele was referring to in her tweets.

Rami was one of the people who didn't believe that Lauryn would show, right up until the minute she appeared on stage and fans confirmed it was indeed her (and not a double like some people speculated).

The actress, quickly showed up and addressed the assumption. Rami clarified her stand point and proceeded to block the tweep. A move Anele seemed to agree with.