'Don't be bitter, just get better' -Dineo Ranaka slams #OpenUpTheIndustry

05 February 2019 - 12:15 By Kyle Zeeman
Dineo Ranaka shares her thoughts on the #OpenUpTheIndustry debate
Dineo Ranaka shares her thoughts on the #OpenUpTheIndustry debate
Image: Instagram/ Dineo Ranaka

Dineo Ranaka has questioned #OpenUpTheIndustry protests, claiming that those who are fighting to get into the industry should try "through a window" or some other way.

The conversation around opportunities in the industry got heated last week when Thando Thabethe gave her thoughts on the movement and said she would be damned before she was told to open the industry for those who could open it themselves.

Speaking on her Metro FM show recently Dineo echoed Thando's sentiments.

"If people can't get into the industry they must try through the window or through some other way. You must open the industry for yourself," she said.

She slammed those who tried to box celebrities and criticise them for taking on other gigs.

"Don't be bitter. Just get better. If you want to #OpenUpTheIndustry rather, after you have used the hashtag, write on social media about the way you are going to open the industry for yourself."

Dineo's co-host Buji said that people should mistake looks for talent just because they're desperate to get into the industry. 

"People think that wearing makeup makes you relevant or good at acting. Listen, acting is not about makeup. Acting, for guys, is not about a six-pack."

The debate has split social media and even celebville with your faves sharing their thoughts on the movement.

Meanwhile, Black Coffee and comedian Kagiso Lediga were praised by fans this week for opening the industry for young talent in their new film Matwetwe.