Shakes, waist-trainers & cheat days: Here's how Thembi Seete keeps that body

05 February 2019 - 09:14 By Jessica Levitt
Thembi Seete is dishing deets on what keeps her young.
Thembi Seete is dishing deets on what keeps her young.
Image: Via Thembi's Instagram

At the start of 2019 Thembi Seete said she would be blessing fans with tips on how she stays happy and healthy.

Thembi said that she used to go on binge diets and starve herself in an attempt to be skinny and look like other people.

When she realised that everybody has their own unique shape, her life changed.

Now Thembi wants to share her wisdom and opened a Instagram page dedicated to her health journey.


Thembi is a fan of using a waist-trainer, explaining that it helps shape her waist during weight-loss.


Although she didn't give a recipe (she says it's coming soon), Thembi has shakes to boost her health and with a schedule as busy as hers, she often uses it as a meal replacement.

Cheat days

After going through the most on her health journey, Thembi said she realised that she had to allow herself the time to indulge.

"I learned not to punish myself," she said.