Cassper says he's 'picked on' because he's the 'nice' guy in the hip-hop game

10 February 2019 - 16:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Rapper Cassper Nyovest says he's nice guy.
Rapper Cassper Nyovest says he's nice guy.
Image: Via Instagram/Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest has shared an observation on his TL that the reason people never hesitate to come for him on these streets has to do with the "fact" that he's dubbed as the "nice guy".

It's no secret that Cassper has a strong presence on social media, whether he has music out or not, there's always something that has people talking about him.

Cassper believes that people (rappers and other people) don't hesitate to come for him because he's nice. He said that half of the things he's fetched or called back into order for, other people are left to do without hassles.

"I love how the game is always ready to call me to order whenever I do or say anything but they will never ever ever ever even think of doing it when it’s somebody else. The perks of being the nice guy," Cassper tweeted.

The rapper, who was speaking right after he started the #YatlaSatane that trended earlier this week, said he doesn't take for granted the fact that he's that influential.

Thanks to his Tshibipians, the rapper can get over thousands of tweets and engagement no matter what he says on Twitter and he said it was a gift of his, which he doesn't take for granted.

"To build a topic and get a whole country to say these tag lines so quickly. Don’t take it for granted. I will nurture it, entertain my people and feed my family with it."

Well, okay Mr nice guy...