Sbahle is on a long journey of discovery post her near-death accident

10 February 2019 - 08:00 By Jessica Levitt
Sbahle is on her journey to discover her purpose.
Sbahle is on her journey to discover her purpose.
Image: Instagram/Sbahle Mpisane

Sbahle Mpisane is a new person on a new journey.

Last year she was involved in a near-death car accident that saw in a coma for three weeks, hospitalised for four months and endless pain.

Not only did Sbahle have to deal with broken bones, she lost much of her memory and said the past two years were "blurry."

But she's learnt to embrace the pain and said she has come to plan for it and welcome it.

Sbahle said that there is no prince charming, telling fans that she is on her own journey.

"My slow walk towards my happy ending is not about anyone and has NO prince charming. With God on my side, I am becoming my own completion on a path searching for my purpose."

Sbahle said that her life was spared and now, as she faces the long journey of recovery, she is rediscovering herself and finding a new path.

Her post touched the hearts of many, with fans and industry friends declaring their support for her and her growth.

Sbahle ended her message with the hashtag #resurgence.

And, well, we're here for the journey.

In the meantime...