5 reasons why Sho Madjozi on Vogue 100 list is a pretty damn big deal!

11 February 2019 - 06:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Sho Madjozi is trending worldwide.
Sho Madjozi is trending worldwide.
Image: Instagram/Sho Madjozi

SA rapper Sho Madjozi has once again proven she's international class with iconic international mega publication Vogue featuring her on their new Vogue World 100 list of people to watch in 2019.

The prestigious list is seen by many as the leading list of global influencers anticipated to reach super stardom in the world of fashion, music, culture and design. 

The mag was stanning HARD on our queen and wrote a glowing review of her talents in a feature on their Instagram page. The post included a video of her experience traveling home and throwing a massive party. 

"In the landscape of post-Apartheid South Africa, Madjozi's unapologetic Pan-African pride is an antidote to the devastation of cultural erasure. Her music gives voice to a newly-forged South African identity," the caption read.

Sho has been at the door of international fame for over a year now and this will no doubt help catapult her to the next level.

She's got the style

One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of Vogue is style and Sho has it in bucketloads. Whether it is a big blue furry jacket or neon glow tracksuits, she's never been shy to try something new or take her unique style to the world.

She's got the international cred

While we're on the topic of overseas, Sho has been making waves in Europe and America over the last few months with shows and appearances across the world.

A highlight was obviously performing at the Global Citizen Festival in America but since then she has been holding her own and spreading her gospel wide.

She's young, African and fearless

It was at an afterparty at the Global Citizen Festival that she showed her fearlessness by jumping on stage and twerking. People may have thought she was crazy but she was just living her best life. It is something that she has always encouraged and a side of her that has caught the world's attention.

She is an African that is not scared to perform on the big stage and demand respect. It is these kinds of artist, which bring an edge, who are ruling the world and putting SA on the map. 

She gives hope 

The star was born in Limpopo and hasn't let anyone forget it. Her success has come from hard work and tenacity and she has always encouraged others to follow the same formula. She is modern but traditional and has taught many that they don't have to compromise who they are to get success.

She's #OpeningUpTheIndustry overseas

Sho travels with a team of dancers from SA and wherever she goes spreads the gospel of SA. Like Black Coffee, she is committed to opening the door for SA artists internationally and it won't be long before her and the SA crew are taking over the whole globe.

...One vogue feature at a time.