OPW's all-white wedding splits social media

Others loved the all-white theme, while others said it reminded them too much of the parties and socials with the same theme...

11 February 2019 - 09:13 By Chrizelda Kekana
Mamphumuwa and Kelello tied the knot on OPW.
Mamphumuwa and Kelello tied the knot on OPW.
Image: Mzansi Magic

Viewers of Our Perfect Wedding were left confused after Mamphumuwa and Kelello decided to take the white in white wedding quite literally and thrown all-white wedding.

Mamphumuwa and Kelello met back in university, in 2011. She was a first year student and, as fate would have it, the student leader assigned to help her find her way around was the man who who would one day be her husband.

Although the pair have had its fair ups and downs, they’ve managed to find their way back to each other and invited OPW to help them celebrated their wedding day.

All-white parties are the in thing and the couple threw one of their own, except there was a groom and a bride present.

Viewers loved the pair's love story and their personalities, but the jury is still out on that party of theirs.