Rea Tsotella | Would a mother really bewitch her child?

12 February 2019 - 09:25 By Kyle Zeeman
Moshe Ndiki is the host of Rea Tsotella.
Moshe Ndiki is the host of Rea Tsotella.
Image: Via Instagram

While many of us were sitting in the dark because of load-shedding, viewers of Moja Love reality show Rea Tsotella were left shooketh on Monday night when a woman was confronted by her mother for apparently neglecting her child.

Kagiso was accused of loving her boyfriend more than her child, while Kagiso apparently accused ugogo of being a witch and bewitching her.

Gogo claimed that the children were being abused at home but Kagiso refused to leave the child in her care.

Fans watched through gaps between their fingers as Kagiso and gogo fought for custody of the child.

All the drama was enough for some to call for child services to get involved and it reached fever pitch when gogo confronted Kagiso about the claims she was a witch.

Gogo got real gatvol and threw hands on stage.

She had to be calmed down, but the streets were still angry.

They made sure their frustration was felt through memes and posts on social media.

As if the drama on stage wasn't enough, fans of the show were once again left in shock when an audience member stood up and said she was 21 years old and had a seven-year-old daughter.

Viewers were running for the calculator to try make sense of it all.