Cassper Nyovest warns people against playing ‘God’ in peoples' lives

13 February 2019 - 15:08 By Chrizelda Kekana
Cassper Nyovest warns people against playing "God".
Cassper Nyovest warns people against playing "God".
Image: Instagram/Cassper Nyovest

While everyone knows that Cassper is a religious guy, he definitely doesn't condone blasphemy on the social media streets.

Cassper slammed people, who thought it was acceptable to limit people to perceptions.  

"It’s so crazy how we like to play God in peoples lives. We think we can tell people what they deserve and what they don’t deserve. How do we even think this is right?" the rapper asked.

The tweet came through right after Cassper had answered a series of tweeps telling him to please give them a "real" hip-hop album because #SweetAndShort has been getting mixed reactions.

Others don't think it's hip-hop at all, while some were convinced it's just a slice of the new age SA hip-hop.

No matter how Cassper resolves the "real hip-hop versus his kind of hip-hop" debacle, one thing is clear his music is making his dreams come true regardless.

Cassper even shared a "testimony" about being a home owner.