Somizi on industry big wigs 'disrespecting' value of talent

17 February 2019 - 12:00 By Karishma Thakurdin
Somizi has some pearls of wisdom to share.
Somizi has some pearls of wisdom to share.
Image: Instagram/ Somizi

Even though the "exploitation" of artists has been an ongoing issue for years, Somizi Mhlongo and other famous faces are determined to highlight until there's change. 

Somgaga came across a post about being paid based on talent from US singer Syleena Johnson, which struck a chord with him. 

The TV and radio personality commented on how people in hiring positions  would never dare going to Ferrari or Rolls Royce with a Mini Cooper budget, but felt it was acceptable to do so with talent. 

"I’m sure everyone who’s runs a business, or self-employed or in show business can relate. Myself shouting the loudest. It’s funny how these people who are always, 'eish our budget this and our budget that will never walk into Ferrari or Rolls Royce with a budget of a Mini Cooper and expect to seal the deal.

"I’m not saying nothing is negotiable but most of the time it’s just pure disrespectful. Know your worth. Compromise if there's a return on that investment. Amen."