'I let my anger get the better of me' - Davido apologises for body shaming

19 February 2019 - 06:00
By Kyle Zeeman
Davido issued a lengthy apology.
Image: Via Davido Davido issued a lengthy apology.

Nigerian superstar Davido has apologised for body shaming a woman who accused him of selling his soul for politics, but said the woman should have messaged him privately rather than provoke him on social media.

The muso was involved in a heated showdown with popular Instagram user Tlolo after he shared a message about the upcoming Nigerian elections. Tlolo accused him of being a sellout, which angered Davido. The rapper then ridiculed her body and career.  

Fans were shocked by the body shaming and were ready to take him to the national school of manners.

As a social media storm erupted around him, Davido took to Instagram to issue an official statement clearing the air on the matter.

He started by claiming that Tlolo knew him and should have hit up his DMs before running to social media.

The musician said he was furious by her comments and blamed his reaction on stress and his impulsive behaviour.

"It got me mad and out of that deep anger I lashed out and clapped back. Sold soul? Sold vote? Regressing? Using influence to keep Nigeria where it is? You of all people? 

"On this side all you ever gets is, 'You are a celeb you should have a thick skin.' I know that and believe me I got thick skin. I get hate daily. I ignore hate daily. But I'm human too and sometimes even as celebs we get mad too and we react and even overreact. This one did hit me different and I lashed out. And for my reaction yesterday, I apologise. I should have handled it different."

The star went on to explain that as a "father of two beautiful girls, a brother to two beautiful ladies, a boyfriend to one beautiful lady and son to the most beautiful woman to ever live" he was ashamed of his actions towards a woman and said he was sorry.

Read his full apology below.