Penny Lebyane says she'd 'never lie' to fans amidst Jussie Smollett drama

Cardi B has also cancelled the star

20 February 2019 - 12:34 By Kyle Zeeman
Jussie Smollett may have lied about the attack.
Jussie Smollett may have lied about the attack.
Image: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok/File Photo

As the world still tries to make sense of claims that Empire star Jussie Smollett may have lied about being attacked by two homophobic men last month, SA star Penny Lebyane has shared her shock and promised followers she would never lie to them 

Jussie was attacked by two men who he claimed used racial and homophobic slurs against him. The attack sparked outrage and a manhunt by police. However, a few weeks later, sources apparently told CBS that the actor had "staged" the attack.

While police have expressed their desire to reinterview Jussie about the incident and continue their investigation into the matter, the court of public opinion has already found him guilty, locked him up and threw away the key.

In SA, Penny shared her shock at reports that Jussie may have been lying.

Taking to Twitter, the veteran TV personality shared several posts about Jussie, before she reflected on the impact him lying may have on his career.

She also promised to never lie to her followers.

Penny's comments come amidst a report from the National Review US, which claims that the FBI is investigating whether Jussie may have also sent himself a threatening letter in the days leading up to the attack.

Meanwhile, US rapper Cardi B slammed the actor during an Instagram Live session recently, claiming he had f*cked up Black History Month.

"I'm really disappointed in Jussie Smollett, whatever the f**k his name is. I'm really disappointed in him. I feel like he f*cked up Black History Month, bro. God damn.

"I'm not gonna say yet until he say it out his mouth that it was fake and this sh*t was staged. I don't want to completely blame him. But, if he's not, then bro you f*cked up for real, like why would you do that? You ain't had to do that."

The reports have confused fans, with even SA-born comedian Trevor Noah claiming that it didn't make sense.

"You have to admit, there's a certain part of the story that was always a little weird... Like, who are the MAGA supporters who hate gay people, who hate black people, but also happen to watch ‘Empire? I've heard of hate-watching, but that sh*t would be next level. It’s like a member of the Klan buying tickets to Fiddler on the Roof."

He went on to explain that if Jussie had staged the attack he should get an Emmy for his emotional interviews after the attack."

He added more of his thoughts later in a Between The Scenes segment .