Atandwa and Fiks Kani attack 'morals' behind Seng'khathele show

22 February 2019 - 06:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Fikile and her hubby Atandwa Kani spoke up over the problem they have with the show Seng'khathele.
Fikile and her hubby Atandwa Kani spoke up over the problem they have with the show Seng'khathele.
Image: Instagram/Fikile M Kani

Atandwa and his wife Fikile Kani are not fans of Seng'Khathele and have slammed the relationship reality show for being "immoral" and using people's distraught lives for entertainment.

The show, hosted by Lerato Mvelase, helps couples who are seeking closure and allows them to unpack all the reasons that have bought them to this point of wanting to end the relationship, amicably.

Taking to Twitter, Atandwa said the show is problematic and questioned why they do not show any interest in actually helping the couples work through their issues and stay together.

The actor also wasn't impressed by how the show cashed in on grief as a form of entertainment.

"To be honest, the show Seng’Khathele is problematic, using the distraught lives of people for entertainment. Where are the psychologists, social workers, helplines or therapists?"

His wife Fikile shared similar sentiments about the show, and asked if actual help was offered to participants and those with similar issues watching at home.

Lerato caught a whiff of the criticism, and responded by giving some answers. She also tagged the production company involved with the show to come answer some of the other concerns shared.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE before the show debuted late last year, Lerato made it clear that it was created to help people.

She said the fact that there was no general structure as to how things should be when people break up meant solutions have to be tailor-made to suit the situation presented.

"What got me interested in the show was the idea of me having to share myself and my story with the guest from the show. To share, in part, words of wisdom and encouragement to both parties. To be human with them, knowing that I am touching their lives."