DJ Shimza is taking his One Man Show to Paris, and it's just the beginning!

'Even if only two people show up, I would still feel good because the bottom line is I saw something I wanted to do and I did it'

22 February 2019 - 08:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
DJ Shimza is taking his One Man Show to Paris.
DJ Shimza is taking his One Man Show to Paris.
Image: Instagram/Shimza DJ

When he spoke to TshisaLIVE last year, DJ Shimza was beaming with pride because his One Man Show had reached the ten-year milestone, but in 2019 he's setting his sights on a much bigger stage.

The Tembisa-born DJ has been hustling in silence to crack the international market, and he's finally gained enough confidence to announce his presence out and loud.

It started this week when he revealed that he is taking his one man show to Paris, France

"Paris has been a dream of mine for a while now. The venue I am going to play it is one that has played a big role in ensuring that our music has a platform to flourish that side. I am also at a stage in my life and career where I am not willing to avoid risks, especially not ones that look like they will be worth it in the end."

Shimza made it clear that he is grateful to DJs who have made it their mission to open the international doors for him, but said that it was up to him to prove himself and open the doors for others. 

"Someone helped me get my first break, so I want to do the same. But it won't just be a Tshepho from Tembisa who plays nice music. It needs to be a Tshepho from Thembisa who has been hustling hard, working towards breaking into the international market himself. The work ethic, the set and everything needs to communication," Shimza said.

Shimza knows that the success of his show locally doesn't automatically mean his show will be a winner overseas.

He told tshisaLIVE that he has a dream that in a few years, he will not take gigs all year just so he could go around the world doing his sold out One Man Shows.

In 2019 he'll have these shows in Portugal, Paris and possibly Angola, in addition to the his SA show.

"Look, it sounds ambitious but I have this dream that I am working towards. I see myself travelling around the world to do my own show on my own terms. My shows will be sold out and I will be doing what I love around the world. Right now, I just have to pour my all into these shows that I have so that when my dream finally happens, I will be completely ready."