#RoastOfAKA: 5 things AKA got dragged for

22 February 2019 - 10:02 By Kyle Zeeman
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AKA took more shots than a shooting range target.
AKA took more shots than a shooting range target.
Image: AKA/Twitter

When rapper AKA decided to put himself in the firing line for a roast, you best believe his panel of roasters were going to take more shots than a teenage boy at Vac.

Friends and fans of the Fela in Versace star packed the Teatro at Montecasino in Johannesburg on Thursday night for the Comedy Central Roast, which saw Papa Penny Penny, Mark Fish, Joey Rasdien, Nina Hasties and his former nemesis Pearl Thusi grill the Supa Mega. 

There was mild shock and more confusion when  it was announced just two hours before the show was set to begin that one of the panelists, Pierre van Pletzen aka Oubaas had pulled out due to "unforeseen circumstances".

While it seemed that everything about the star's life was fair game, the panelists steered clear of jokes about his baby mama Zinhle, his alleged money issues and his daughter Kairo.

Still, fans were reaching for the burn cream every time AKA was grilled about his exes, music and his fashion sense.

Here are just five things AKA was dragged over.  


AKA, the man that hails from Mafikeng, Mufasa! - Mark Fish

From the moment AKA stepped onto stage, the jokes about him and his bitter rival Cassper started. Pearl opened fire by telling the audience that she heard great news backstage that this was the first time AKA had actually filled up a venue, in reference to his rival's #FillUp concert series.

AKA told her that she had "bombed" but she hit back with a young, fresh: "That's what it must feel like whenever Mufasa steps into the room."

Mark Fish, who started his own social media trend when he mistook Hugh Masekela for Sipho "Hotstix" Mabuse after Bra Hugh's death, later had fans rolling on the floor when he paid tribute to AKA by reading Cassper's accomplishments.

But actor and comedian Moshe Ndiki had the audience crying when he used the beef between AKA and Cassper to shade other roast panelists.

He said AKA's beef with Cassper was "so boring". It was not even in the top 100 biggest fights in the world.

"Number three is Moonchild vs dandruff. Number two is Davido vs anything on the top shelf and number one is Bonang vs spell check." 


AKA is the only guy I know who has been a side chick's side chick  - Pearl Thusi 

AKA's relationship with Bonang was also ripped to shreds. Moonchild took aim when she said that the star was known to fans as Super Mega but to his exes he "is known as ultra tiny."

She then brought Cassper's #FillUp into her next joke.

"When guys were filling the Dome, you were filling up Queen B."

Even Nigerian muso Davido had a crack, telling his friend that Queen B told him she hadn't met a real African man until she met him.

THOSE rocks

When you come out the closet don't forget your rocks - Moshe Ndiki

AKA's claim to have found rocks at his house after breaking up with Bonang was also mocked, with everyone finding a way to incorporate it in their jokes.

Meanwhile musican Francois van Coke joked that it was horrible euphemism for drugs that he last used when he was 13.

His hair

I did an advert with AKA. I bought a house. You spent the money on your hair. How else do you go platinum? - Francois van Coke 

AKA's hair was also a massive talking point. It started when Francois joked that AKA had his hair dyed because it was the only way he could go platinum and said he looked like a "used condom".

But it pretty much ended with another takedown from Moshe.

"You're not the first coloured to have blonde hair in December. Calm down," he said, near the end of his set.


"His biggest hit was when Black Coffee smacked his manager" - Joey Rasdien 

AKA's career was also in the firing line, with panelists all joking about his love for autotune.

Comedian Joey Rasdien started the gag when he stepped up to the mic and started singing an AKA song. He stopped soon after and offered an apology.

"I would have sounded like AKA but these mics don't have autotune."

He then went on to shade AKA's Twitter habits and music success.

"Sometimes I read his Twitter and I'm like 'is he on his period again?' You know, his biggest hit was when Black Coffee smacked his manager."

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