WATCH | Support for Nasty C after he revealed a 'big secret'

26 February 2019 - 06:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Nasty C showed off his big toe that is deformed.
Nasty C showed off his big toe that is deformed.
Image: Via Nasty C's Instagram

Rapper Nasty C had fans dying with anticipation when he took to social media to share a "long kept secret," which he claimed has been haunting him for years.

The star posted a video in which he addressed fans and spoke about his insecurities.

While fans thought Nasty C would drop a major bombshell about his career or private life, the star revealed it was all about his "defective" toe.

It is really LARGE.

The rapper said his toe gave him a complex and that it was one of the reasons he struggled to accept himself.

"It was something I was born with. I was able to hide it... but I didn't accept myself. I didn't love myself one hundred percent. I expected people to give me some sort of validation and I didn't even accept myself or love myself enough. Completely."

Nasty C said he had been thinking of coming out for a while now but didn't know how he would deal with all the horrible comments and trolling.

"I thought it would affect so much, in terms of the way people look at me."

Instead of  jokes and rude messages, Nasty C's social media pages were filled with messages of support from friends, fans and other musicians, including Stogie T, DJ Sbu and Black Coffee.

Stogie said he was inspired by Nasty C's bravery.

"I might not be able to play all your music for my kids but I am playing this video for them. So proud of you, brother. Good bless your heart JR," he wrote.

While Ms Cosmo said it was "another thing that makes you special."