Lasizwe on his bro's 'homophobia': He'd never intentionally hurt me

Fans think Lasizwe's brother needs some LGBTQI education after the way he treated Lasizwe set them off

27 February 2019 - 06:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Lasizwe's show aims to shine the light on some of the LGBTQI issues.
Lasizwe's show aims to shine the light on some of the LGBTQI issues.
Image: Supplied/DStv Now

Lasizwe's army of fans have called on producers of his reality show to assist the star's brother, Lungile with education about the LGBTQI community after his behaviour was found to be "ignorant".

As one of the openly gay celebrities, reality TV star Lasizwe represents what several young people go through in their self-actualisation process and the latest episode of his show @Lasizwe Fake It Till You Make caused a stir on social media. 

Fans were not impressed by the way Lasizwe's brother Lungile apparently treated him. 

"When you are part of the LGBTQI community, you are often faced with a lot of hate, which usually stems from lack of understanding. But what people don't often speak about is the fact that it usually begins at home. You know... we all have that one brother or someone that always tries to convince you that you're just confused, that you like girls and stuff like that. It's traumatic but most of us suck it up until we can't anymore."

Fans called Lungile out for his ignorance and his often homophobic comments after observing him on the show. Lasizwe said Lungile had been that way for as long as he could remember until he had to sit him down to make him aware of what he was actually doing to him.

"I was hoping that people will learn from my experience with my brother. Because he's family, I had the choice to cut him out or try to teach him. I choose to still teach him every day and to open his mind and be sensitive to who and what I am."

The young star told TshisaLIVE that he's taken time to talk to Lungile to let him know that his comments were hurtful and were often homophobic. 

"I know he'd never intentionally try to hurt me. When I realised this, it dawned on me that he had continued with such comments because he didn't know how much they hurt me. He says things in passing or as jokes and never thought of it as something that would be hurting me. So I had to tell him and as expected he had not realised just how bad he had become. I had to teach him and educate him on who and what I am. So that he knows how to be sensitive in terms of the things he says - things he often thinks are fine, because society has normalised it."

Lasizwe said Lungile is a work in progress and because family is important to him, he's decided not to give up on him but to help him so that he doesn't treat others the way he's treated him.