WATCH | AKA leaves DJ Zinhle in stitches with his DJ'ing skills

02 March 2019 - 14:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
AKA and DJ ZInhle have been having a lot of fun together.
AKA and DJ ZInhle have been having a lot of fun together.
Image: Via Twitter

Whatever co-parenting strategy AKA and DJ Zinhle are using... they should probably package it and sell it because if their happiness is anything to go by then it works and has added benefits: laughter and joy!

Kairo's parents have been spending more and more time together since they settled their differences and decided to pour their efforts into co-parenting.

However, the more vids and snaps people see of them together, the more they're convince that AKA and Zinhle are back together.  

DJ Zinhle shared a video on her Instagram Stories in which AKA gave her a private show of his best DJ skills and game face.

And, because he's AKA he was so extra that Zinhle had to capture the moment. From the few minutes Zinhle shared with the world, she sounded like she was having the time of her life.

Her laughter is even infectious fam! Just watch the video below.

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At this point, we don't even care if its pure co-parenting, just friendship, friends with benefits, buddies or even lovers... because whatever it is, the pair are just happy.

And, happiness is beautiful... so go on and flourish bazali ba Kairo!