IN MEMES | Vuyo's baby mama taught Brenda an unforgettable lesson!

Did crazy baby mama drama ruin things for Brenda?

07 March 2019 - 09:19 By Chrizelda Kekana
Brenda has been played and it's affected her work now.
Brenda has been played and it's affected her work now.
Image: Twitter/Mzansi Magic

It’s true that the quest for love can make or break a woman, and as viewers of Unmarried watched Brenda’s presentation and job being put in jeopardy by a crazy baby mama, they knew for sure that a lying man can ruin your life.

Brenda’s first mistake was believing Vuyo’s lies when he said the woman who called her on some “stay-away-from-my-man drama” was just a stalker. But she found out in the worst way what the real truth was.

The worst part is that this happened just as Brenda was recovering from being sidelined for a promotion because she refused her bosses sexual advances.

Her new flame’s girlfriend gave her a visit at work.

Look, if the crazy baby mama had walked in at a different time or a different place it would have been a different story. But she came in mid-presentation, lashed out at Brenda for being a homewrecker, then left Brenda with Vuyo’s baby.

Yhu! Tweeps went gaga with the memes.