Craig Lucas on depression: I just ate & drank myself to death every day

11 March 2019 - 16:01
By Chrizelda Kekana
Craig Lucas has been open about his healing journey.
Image: Gallo Images / Dereck Green Craig Lucas has been open about his healing journey.

Craig Lucas has shared parts of the hard journey to healing in his struggle with depression, opening up to fans about the uphill battle he faces and how he's fighting for survival every day.

The Voice SA winner explained that since his open letter last year, in which he had revealed that he was depressed and suicidal, he's had to work really hard to pull himself out of a "dark time".

"I've been going through such a dark time this past month, just not feeling good enough as a singer and artist, and then having to deal with losing my best friend, my first love."

He shared that he had been dealing with everything in an unhealthy manner but was fighting to do better by himself daily.

"I just ate and drank myself to death every day. Felt worthless and ugly. But I'm fighting back today."

His fans encouraged him to fight the battle one day at a time and filled his TL with messages of encouragement.

Last year The Voice SA winner poured his heart out in the open letter, in which he revealed that he was gay and that he had struggled to come out of the closet, which had caused him to contemplate suicide.  

After a long emotional struggle, Craig managed to live his truth, but that was until he won the popular singing competition in 2017. The singer explained that while it looked like he was living his best life on the outside, the internal conflict took its toll on him.

"My career was flourishing. I was wholly depressed. Suicidal thoughts plagued my mind. I'd become a very angry man. Hurt people really do hurt people. I hated myself. I was wasted every other day. There was even drugs. I had forgotten myself."