iFani disses AKA, says he needs to do more to fight abuse than just tweet

11 March 2019 - 15:06
By Kyle Zeeman
Ifani has revived his war of words with AKA.
Image: Gallo Images / Frennie Shivambu Ifani has revived his war of words with AKA.

Rapper iFani has taken his war of words with long-time rival AKA to the next level, mocking the rapper and suggesting he should do more in the fight against abuse than just tweet.

Like that dude in the resurrection pastor videos that went viral, iFani is trying to revive himself and his career. Part of that comeback has seen him flex his Twitter fingers and gun for his old rival.

Responding to an older tweet by AKA about the fight against woman abuse, iFani poked the bear and said the rapper's antics made him laugh.

He went on to mock the rapper and suggested that he not just run to Twitter to preach, when he should be doing more on the ground.

The pair's feud dates back several years and reached a peak in 2015 when AKA shaded iFani's achievement of getting an album certified gold on the first day of release. The super Mega claimed that sponsors had bought all the albums and suggested that iFani was lying about his popularity.

It sparked a massive feud between the pair that iFani later claimed ruined his album plans.

While AKA has yet to respond to the latest shots, the AKA defence force was in formation and ready to attack iFani for his latest comments.