Ntsiki Mazwai on TV gig: 'I feel like I was kind of born for this'

18 March 2019 - 06:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Ntsiki Mazwai is one of the hosts on Moja Love's Show Me Love.
Ntsiki Mazwai is one of the hosts on Moja Love's Show Me Love.
Image: Instagram/Ntsiki Mazwai

Two years after being told by her family that no one would work with her because of her fiery Twitter fingers, Ntsiki Mazwai has finally fulfilled her “destiny” of becoming a TV talk show host.

The singer and activist has left many politicians and celebs feeling dizzy with her virtual hot klaps and razor-sharp tongue on social media. Now, she has moved her opinions to Moja Love's Show Me Love, where she hopes to share her little pearls of wisdom with Mzansi on screens across the country.

Fans who have been attending the sermons and smackdowns Ntsiki delivers on Twitter have long been calling for her to have her own TV show, and after creating a podcast to try to please them, she finally gave the people what they want.

"I feel like I was kind of born for this. It feels like that thing that I have been needing to do. I think it will bring a lot of enlightenment, joy and laughter to viewers. But I will always be me."

She said that she was approached with the idea of being a TV star two years ago after she finished her Master of Arts degree from Rhodes University.

She said that at the time her tweets were causing so much outrage that even her dad called to warn her that no one would want to work with her.

"There was a lot of judgement. Incidentally the day the call came in, I got an email from my father telling me that no one would want to work with me because of my Twitter account and I am offending everyone," she said with a laugh.

There was a lot of back and forth but Ntsiki put the idea on hold until she finished touring her new album in December last year. She returned home but felt “despondent and empty”.

“I thought; ‘oh f*ck! This is the end of me’. I started a podcast to try distract myself from the mess I was in. I had to channel that energy of fear and comparing myself. A week later, I thought it was the end and I would commit suicide. I felt like I was just not doing it right.”

It was then that the channel called again and she saw a ray of light. A chance for people to really know the real Ntsiki.

"This is who I am naturally. I have deep conversations with strangers. I have always done this; it is just that now it is on TV. I was told that they wanted me because of my Twitter account because I am wild and step out the box all the time. So they accept me for who I am.

"Now I hope that people who are watching will come to understand the real me too and can learn to accept each other. This is a lesson that there is room for unruly, opinionated and outspoken girls."