'We failed for two years but we eventually got it right,' says Malumz On Deck

12 March 2019 - 06:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Malumz On Deck are determined to have the ultimate success as DJs.
Malumz On Deck are determined to have the ultimate success as DJs.
Image: Instagram/Malumz On Deck

It's getting harder and harder for DJs to stand out when it looks like everyone is claiming the DJ title but for Malumz On Deck standing out is not an issue, the music does that on its own.

The duo, Oscar Nyathi and Mandla Mtshali, recently spoke to TshisaLIVE about how hard it was for them to break into the mainstream league of DJs.

"Entering the mainstream of the music industry was never easy but we kept trying. We failed for two years but we eventually got it right by learning from our mistakes and understanding what the media space requires. We are a goal-driven duo aiming to make a difference in the music industry by introducing a new indigenous house music sound," they said.

The pair, whose latest single Inhliziyo has been winning over the masses, explained the biggest challenges in making the song and why they think it's a hit with their fans, despite the different approach.

"Our main challenge with this song was getting to work with Toshi as she was very busy at that time so we had to keep trying to get hold of her but eventually we came right.

"Inhliziyo is more of a different approach project, meaning the sound and the direction of making this song was on its own level. We were testing how diverse we are in our sound and it worked as it has managed to be our first song that has been released overseas. The listeners are enjoying it and it’s playing in every province in SA plus we expect it to be big around the Easter period," they said.

They met at an event in Tembisa and didn’t click immediately, but as time went by they found out that they both shared the same ideas as far as the music industry was concerned.

And everything seemed to work out because before they became Malumz, Mandla was a DJ and Oscar was an event promoter. Today, they are both still doing both activities, just at a higher level now.

So what does the ultimate success look like for the duo? Growth and profit.

"We personally feel there’s no such thing as ultimate success as we view it as ongoing day-to-day progress. Even the best DJs to date are still growing as we can only follow suit.

"We feel those that are passionate about what they do and are doing it for the right reasons will be successful in being a profitable DJ."