Danny K shocked by buzz over his 'white privilege' tweet

13 March 2019 - 12:04 By Kyle Zeeman
Danny K has reacted to the Twitter storm that erupted over his comments.
Danny K has reacted to the Twitter storm that erupted over his comments.
Image: Gallo Images/You/Unathi Mhlati

Musician Danny K was left shocked after he landed at the centre of a war of words with Western Cape premier Helen Zille and several others on social media over white privilege, telling TshisaLIVE he didn't think his comments were controversial or revolutionary.

Danny K sparked debate recently when he posted a video and several comments about white people and race, claiming that "not enough white people call out racism when it rears it ugly head" and encouraging his white followers to "stand firm and have courage".

"We can no longer be silent," said the singer.

His comments sparked debate on social media and soon attracted the attention of Zille, who first slammed his spelling and then shared her own thoughts on the debate.

While Twitter was split on the issue, with people from both sides of the debate attacking Zille and Danny K, the musician told TshisaLIVE that he was taken aback by all the fuss.

"I am truly shocked that a simple call to action to stand up against racism or own one's privilege, could in any way be considered as revolutionary or controversial. I think it's incredibly revealing of those who interpreted this as a problem or had a problem with me saying it."

He claimed that his initial comments were meant to start a conversation about race and privilege and said that "honest and sometimes uncomfortable conversations" are needed.

He added that he wanted to create a space where such issues would not cause such a fuss.

"I am committed to creating a place where tweets like mine don't make news, or stir up emotions on both sides of the aisle. Then we will have built a society and country in which we all can win."

Meanwhile, the star has found support in actress and TV personality Bonnie Mbuli.

Taking to social media this week, Bonnie slammed any suggestion that Danny was "fake woke" or was just trying to be popular with his comments.