WATCH | Here's why the Twitter fashion police came knocking for Skeem Saam’s Noah

13 March 2019 - 10:22
By Kyle Zeeman
Fans were not here for Noah's snapback.
Image: Skeem Saam / YouTube Fans were not here for Noah's snapback.

Just a month after fans shaded Skeem Saam's styling department, they once again poked fun at a fashion moemish on the show when Clement showed up in a massive cap.

Viewers of the show have come to know Noah for his trademark look so they were shocked when he visited Koloi in a snapback.

The conversation was really serious on the couch as Noah and Clement asked Koloi not to rat them out about the space cookies they asked him to bring to school.

They claimed that they would be suspended and sent to boarding school if anyone found out they were all involved in the mess. They were properly stressing.

But on Twitter it was all laughs for Noah's fashion sense that looks like it is stuck in the 90s.

And the memes just kept flooding in...