Zodwa Wabantu believes haters are burning because her bae is so 'well-behaved'

Zodwa Wabantu brags about her bae who has not given haters any ammunition to use against her

14 March 2019 - 06:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Zodwa says she and her bae have no time to be other people's relationship goals.
Zodwa says she and her bae have no time to be other people's relationship goals.
Image: Via Instagram/Zodwa Libram

Zodwa Wabantu has shared how proud she is that her bae, Ntobeko, ain't 'a liker of things' and that he's not all over the place despite many people's "evil" wishes that he messes up their relationship.

Ever since Zodwa opened up about her relationship to the public by sharing details of her bae and their love, there has been many things said but the one constant has been people telling her that she and her bae aren't meant to be.

She took to her Instagram to say, that some ladies have been praying for her bae to do something stupid but she's glad her bae isn't the type.

"It's not that y'all are worried about my boyfriend's well being because he apparently looks like I beat him up... it's more than that. Y'all are lying, you are just disappointed that he doesn't beat me up or was cheating or doing silly things. If he was, y'all would be singing a different song, talking about how he's doing this and that but he hasn't goven you any ammunition."

She said her bae's best quality was his reserved personality.

"He doesn't talk at all, he's not all over the show if ebephaphile bengizonya from amantombazana,ubufebe. When I'm performing out of Durban anginyise so he's not talkative, he's shy and handsome…

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After shutting down all the people in her comment section who said her bae was staying because she was "controlling" him and "paying him to stay", Zodwa went added that there are many advantage of dating a younger.

She said some of the perks of dating a young man was the "fact" that he didn't expect a woman to be a certain way or to subscribe to patriarchal expectations.

"A younger boyfriend doesn't expect you to cook or wash (the) laundry or akubhodlele... imbhodla. We just chasing our dreams and R5 hayi indaba yomfazi nendona. We must work. No Lottery."

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