Skeem Saam’s Clement Maosa: Kwaito’s black tax struggles are real to me

15 March 2019 - 07:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Clement Maosa has shared his experiences with black tax.
Clement Maosa has shared his experiences with black tax.
Image: Gallo Images / Oupa Bopape

Clement Maosa has been preaching the reality of so many South Africans burdened by black tax with his character Kwaito on Skeem Saam, and told TshisaLIVE that it is a battle based on personal experience.

Kwaito has had to take on the role of breadwinner in the Seakamela household, looking after his mother and putting his sister through school. Fans were heartbroken when he visited a restaurant on the show last month and saw meals for as much as R230.

Clement told TshisaLIVE that Kwaito's situation was nearly a carbon copy of his own at one point.

"I can relate to it. I grew up without a mom and dad, and when I started working I had to start looking after my siblings. Even today, I look after my siblings. Kwaito's situation is reality. When you start working you want to better the situation at home, but at the same time now have your own responsibilities."

He said that there was a debate around how much of themselves and their salaries people should give, but he had learnt to draw a line with his siblings.

"I give out of a sense of duty. I know how much my family has sacrificed for me to get to where I am, and I need to also give back. I will support my siblings through school and the basics but if it is something like shoes, or nice things, I am more strict. I will only give if I feel. I don't feel pressured to give then. It isn't a must.

"Even when I started working, I sat everyone down and told them that I was working for myself. I would help them where I can but there should be no expectation."

He said that when he had children he would not expect them to help financially but would want them to feel like it was the right thing to do if there was a need.

"I think when you have children you have a duty to always look after them and there should be no expectation that they owe you, or should buy you a mansion. I want them to just be aware and assist where they can."