Cava the OPW decor guy that lit up screens even during load shedding

Can the OPW decor guy direct our next birthday party?

18 March 2019 - 11:01 By Kyle Zeeman
Wayne Roberts was praised for his decor work on Our Perfect Wedding.
Wayne Roberts was praised for his decor work on Our Perfect Wedding.
Image: Facebook/ Wayne Roberts

Mbali and Dumisani had jaws dropping on the floor when their wedding was featured on popular reality show Our Perfect Wedding, with the decor at the ceremony winning the day.

Styled by Wayne Roberts and his team at Bydzine, the decor which included walls of flowers, gold plates and dozens of fairy lights.

Just take a look at some of it.

Speaking on social media after the episode, Wayne said that he and his team were honoured to be part of Mbali and Dumisani's big day and that despite what it looked like it didn't cost an awful lot to do.

"Actually you would be surprised. The #bydzine team is dedicated to work with our clients in making their dreams come true. We sit and work with budgets of many kinds. Elegance doesn’t have to be expensive!"

Meanwhile out on Twitter, fans were having chest pains over the decor and flooded timelines with calls for Wayne to decorate everything from their wedding to their dog's next birthday party.

The show also drew laughs from viewers when the pastor officiating the ceremony reprimanded a man who came to give Dumisani a mic. 

The mfundisi told the man to come back and hold the mic for Dumisani. "He's not speaking at a funeral, hold it for him. They will hold it for you one day," he added, to laughter from guests.