Nokuthula Mavuso slams belief that black people are 'lazy'

19 March 2019 - 08:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Actress Nokuthula Mavuso commended black people who commute daily.
Actress Nokuthula Mavuso commended black people who commute daily.
Image: Via Instagram

While many in the country were slightly amused at president Cyril Ramaphosa getting stuck in a train for over three hours on Monday morning, actress Nokuthula Mavuso has taken to social media to acknowledge the struggles most black people go through when using trains and taxis.

The actress also took the opportunity to slam people who  say black people are lazy when they don't have first-hand knowledge of their struggles.

In a series of tweets on Monday, Nokuthula explained that around her family home the first taxi leaving the township was outside by 3.45am every morning.

"Soshanguve, first taxi hoots around 3.45 and that's just around where our family home is. There are people living in block HH, JJ which are a good distance from our home. Let's not even talk about those using the train system working in Germiston and beyond. Who's lazy?"

The Abomama star then remembered her own past experiences with the train, highlighting that delays and arriving late were common traits of the public transportation system.

"I've only ever had to use the early morning train a couple of times in my life. Had to catch the 5am train from Nancefield station to Park then Pretoria B. 5am only to get to Pretoria just before 8am. That's on a good day. The 24/25 of the month were the worst."

President Ramaphosa was on an elections campaign drive in Tshwane on Monday where he took a 50km train journey from Mabopane to Pretoria. The trip took three hours because of delays and the train getting stuck along the way.

Considering that many people are fired for being late, despite it very often being the public transport's fault, Twitter had a blast pointing those facts out to Mr President.

Nokuthula only shared a coy smiley emoji.

Which can be loosely translated to...