Teargas Ntukza's wife also went rogue on female hopefuls & the Net freaked out!

Watch out homewrecking DM'ers ... celebrity wives are on a war path

19 March 2019 - 11:20 By Chrizelda Kekana
Teargas' Ntukza and his woman Kacha Stepanovic.
Teargas' Ntukza and his woman Kacha Stepanovic.
Image: Instagram/Kachie 1

The internet hasn't been as messy as it was on Monday for a while!

In addition to DJ Zinhle giving AKA some smooches and Somizi and Bonang reuniting - tweeps had to deal with another meltdown courtesy of Rachel Kolisi.

And just as they were trying to digest that rapper Ntukza's Mrs also shared her two cents on "DM homewreckers".

Ntukza's wife Kacha Stepanovic took to Twitter to proudly declare her support for Rachel Kolisi. This after Rachel took to Instagram Stories to call out a woman for allegedly sending raunchy pictures to Siya's DMs.  

Kacha said as the wife of a rapper, she knew that these malicious women who were out to wreck homes existed.

"I stand behind Rachel Kolisi hard! Being married to a celeb isn't the easiest. I'm living truth. But my man ain't even entertain y'all because he knows God like that. But ...

"Y'all thirsty women are always trying your ways, thinking that for one moment y'all are better than us. News flash! Stay away from married men! They made up their minds," she said.

Kacha explained that she supports Rachel because she had experienced women trying to "wreck" her home as well.

"Instead of standing together as women, for the betterment of children being raised in happy homes. For love to run its course you guys find ways to break the woman down? Put yourself in her position! The only difference is, your laundry will never get aired out!"

Kacha said women needed to have each other's back on these social media streets and in real life.

The internet was legit wildin' out!

First at Ntukza's relatively unknown wife and her rant. Then they just flat out started mocking her anger and predicting how Ntukza must be feeling as his wife goes rogue on these Twitter streets.