Khanyi Mbau says she's not proud of 'original slay queen' legacy

21 March 2019 - 10:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Khanyi Mbau says she blames powerful man for the rise of slay queens.
Khanyi Mbau says she blames powerful man for the rise of slay queens.
Image: Instagram/Khanyi Mbau

Often dubbed the original "slay queen", Khanyi Mbau has come out to explain why she isn't proud of the tag and the legacy it holds, even blaming powerful men for fueling the rise of slay queens.

Talking on The Big Debate recently, Khanyi said in retrospect she was just a naive go-getter, whose ambition was used against her by a man in power.

"I grew up in an ANC home but you know every single day when values are then viewed, you then realise that there are certain things that you need to revisit. That whole idea of saying that I am the ancestor or the original slay queen is really sad. I come from a generation of go-getters, women that believe that they want to make it."

Khanyi explained that the real problem was with men in power, who had the resources to get these girls where they want to be but instead use that for their own selfish desires.

"Unfortunately we belong to a society where those in power then take advantage of that because they have the resources and they see the hunger in young women such as my self. They then take that and abuse it. Obviously, women will then take the bait and run with it because they want to make it," she said.

Watch the clip below.

Khanyi went on to engage with her followers on Twitter over the slay queen debate.

She made it clear that she wasn't proud of the phenomenon that has tied itself to her legacy but said it formed part of her life story and she wasn't going to pretend otherwise.

Instead she's embraced it and hopes to educate others with her experiences.