Pearl Modiadie talks about her new bae

24 March 2019 - 14:00 By Karishma Thakurdin
Pearl Modiadie has found love in the arms of a new guy.
Pearl Modiadie has found love in the arms of a new guy.
Image: Instagram/Pearl Modiadie

TV and radio personality Pearl Modiadie has found love again after going through her fair share of heartbreak in the past. 

While Pearl hasn't officially introduced her bae to the world, she sent the rumour mill into overdrive late last year when she was reportedly spotted with a hunky man on her arm. 

During a Q&A with fans on Instagram Live earlier this week, Pearl revealed how she met her Prince Charming. 

She also addressed a question about being in a interracial relationship. 

"We met through a mutual friend. I have dated outside of my race before and it was a long - distance relationship which did not work out because the distance took its toll. So, this was not uncomfortable for my family. His family is also really lovely. They all want what’s best for us." 

Pearl who was engaged to businessman Nkululeko Buthelezi called off her engagement twice in a matter of months. 

During an interview on Trending SA in August last year, Pearl confirmed that she went back after first calling things off in 2017 because she wanted to give things a second chance. 

"I went back the first time because you want to give them the second chance. You know, you want to see if you were right or wrong about them."

Pearl added that she decided to end things for good when she realised things weren't working for certain. 

"I think it got to a point where it didn't feel the way it was supposed to. It didn't feel the way we knew it was supposed to. You know what love feels like. When it stops feeling like it and that small voice is talking. It was time to listen and walk."