Janez Vermeiren shares tips on 'how to deal with a racist'

26 March 2019 - 11:53 By Odwa Mjo
Janez says the block button is important when "dealing with racists".
Janez says the block button is important when "dealing with racists".
Image: Instagram

After getting backlash on social media with his comments on racism and white privilege, TV presenter Janez Vermeiren has laid down the rules of engagement when dealing with "racists".

The star sparked massive debate recently when he slammed white people who use the phrase "back in the good old days", labelling it insulting to those who suffered under apartheid.

"Can white people please stop using phrases like 'back in the good old days'. Imagine hearing a phrase like this if your family was oppressed by this racist system! I know we have crime and other issues but it's never okay to describe the past as something positive."

Janez's comments ruffled a few feathers and soon he was being dragged for being "fake woke" and unnecessary.

Now that the dust has somewhat settled, Janez returned to social media to share his tips on how to deal with "racists" who come knocking in your notifications.

Janez said racists should not be given a voice, and one should simply hit the block button should you encounter one online. 

Janez further urged people to sign a petition to criminalise racism. 

He received much applause on social media for bringing the issue of racism into the spotlight and speaking out as a white person.