Cassper Nyovest slams peeps for hating on gqom & amapiano but love 'autotune n***as'

Cassper Nyovest slams hip-hop DJs who hate on other local music genres

01 April 2019 - 11:36 By Chrizelda Kekana
Cassper Nyovest didn't mince his words when he spoke about hip hop DJs.
Cassper Nyovest didn't mince his words when he spoke about hip hop DJs.
Image: Cassper Nyovest via Instagram

Cassper Nyovest was left touched this past weekend when a tweep said hip hop DJs needed to play "strictly" hip hop and quit playing things like gqom, amapiano and kwaito for clout, saying DJs need to prioritise authentic SA music.

The rapper recently delved into kwaito-influenced music in his album Sweet and Short. Cassper said he doesn't understand why "all of a sudden" it was a problem for hip hop DJs to play the kind of music he makes when they have no issue with "n***as singing in autotune".

"When n***as make a 'rap album' full of pop music nobody says anything but when we embrace kwaito or amapiano it's a problem? That ain't it! A go che s'gupu!

"Where are the hip-hop DJs when they played RnB, pop, and Afrobeats? If y'all want DJs to play hip hop only, then tell them to stop playing all the other genres. This is just an attack on amapiano and it's simply because n***as can't adapt. When n***as are singing in autotune it's fine?" Cassper asked.

The rappers said for him the sudden call for DJ to stick to one genre of music during their set was a call to shun SA music and leave SA artist to starve.

"Niggas hate the very same South Africa they live in and eat from. Ha ba tla gore America gone moer!!! Ba ipheditse. I'm proudly South African and I will forever fight for our sound cause that's all we have. Mzansi for Life!!! Yebo!!!"

Cassper said the biggest problem with SA hip hop artists and lovers was that they insisted on dictating what other guys must do to be deemed "worthy" of being called hip hop artists.

He said all they needed to do was sit back and enjoy the music, but they insisted on always yapping about what is and what is not hip hop.