'They tried to break you but you are made of steel' - Sonia Sedibe's powerful letter to herself

12 April 2019 - 07:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Sonia Sedibe has come out stronger after her struggles.
Sonia Sedibe has come out stronger after her struggles.
Image: Via Sonia's Instagram

Sonia Sedibe has gone through a lot in the 24 years she has been in the entertainment industry. This week wrote a letter to herself, explaining how she had constantly faced challenges that could have defeated her.

In a Instagram post, Sonia referred to herself as the "hardest working woman in the game", who has in 24 years has "never slacked, complained nor given up”. 

The former Generations star said many had tried to break and bury her, but she was proud of her resolve.

“They tried to break you, but they didn’t realise you were made of steel. They tried to bury you, but little did they know you were a seed. They tried to mute you, but alas you had a resounding voice," she wrote.

"They wrote you off, but Jesus rewrote your script. They tried to burn you, but listen, you were born a phoenix. They did not put you in the front seat, but somebody should have told them you were the main act."

Sedibe also touched on her departure from Generations, adding: "They fired you, but it turned out you were a boss lady!"

After leaving Generations, Sonia cut her teeth as a producer. In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Sonia revealed her struggles with the transition.

"I admit I thought it would be a bit easier than I found it was. I mean, I was Sonia and my brand was well-known. But that and the fact that I am a woman made it even harder for me. People preferred to have me be just an actor, so I had to work really hard," she said.

"I went from one pitch to the other, meeting rejection. My fame did not do me any favours and also God's timing came into effect. So now my hard work plus my other abilities are being recognised."