Emtee to his sons: One day you will win more than me

13 April 2019 - 08:00 By Karishma Thakurdin
Emtee would do anything for his family.
Emtee would do anything for his family.
Image: Instagram/ Emtee

It's no secret that Emtee has been through his fair share of trials since entering the industry. 

But the one thing that has kept Emtee grounded and inspires him to keep pushing is his family. 

In a series of Instagram posts, the rapper penned heartfelt notes to his lady and sons. 

"My son. I hope you grow older so you can tell the world the truth about me. Yeah n I hope u grow to protect your mama. Don’t let nobody bully you. Avery gon’ have your back. One day you and your big bro will win more than I have coz my wins made people hate me. I love you son."

In another post, Emtee made it clear that he would do anything to protect his loved ones.