Candy Tsa Mandebele opens up about acting struggles

Star says because she dropped out of school, sometimes reading and translating scripts can be a struggle

15 April 2019 - 08:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Candy Tsa Mandebele loves her Giyani: Land of Blood character, Diana.
Candy Tsa Mandebele loves her Giyani: Land of Blood character, Diana.
Image: Instagram/Candy Tsa Mandebele

Candy Tsa Mandebele is one of the most authentic stars we have in Mzansi, always being real about her life and her struggles, and having recently bagged a role on Giyani: Land Of Blood, she opened up about how hard it was to read her scripts.

Speaking to Drum, Candy revealed that having left school after grade nine had been a disadvantage for her on set but she managed to pull through thanks to the supportive cast and crew.

"When it's time to read the script and translate it from Tsonga into my home language, Khelobedu, it's a struggle," Candy said.

Candy plays the role of a flamboyant village shebeen queen, Diana, complete with the "Shoprite-like eyebrow pencil drawn eyebrows" and a loud personality to match. Fans have welcomed her character with love and she's one of the people that have stood out as authentic in a cast full of stars.

Candy has never been shy to share her life struggles and experiences in the name of motivating others and letting them know that they can still live their dreams.

She opened up recently on social media about the death of her son and being diagnosed with diabetes. During a Q&A on Instagram, Candy told fans she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes shortly after the death of her son in 2011. Candy's son was killed in a car crash. 

She said it was unexpected and came as a shock but meant she had to make major changes to her lifestyle. 

"I started with what I ate and drank. It was difficult at first but with time I got used to it. Secondly, [I had to change] my lifestyle all together. Just take it one step at a time. Take your medication on time and eat healthy."