OPW couple met online and now the internet has so many questions

15 April 2019 - 10:12 By Kyle Zeeman
Vele Manenje hosts 'Our Perfect Wedding'.
Vele Manenje hosts 'Our Perfect Wedding'.
Image: Mzansi Magic

Online dating can be more dangerous than the fight for the Iron Throne, but Sam and Theo are a success story. They shared their wedding day with viewers on Our Perfect Wedding this week.

The couple met online in 2016 and it was love at first click. Sam said he knew from Theo's profile picture that she was one. They eventually met up in person the next year and just spoke. A year later they met up again after a business deal, and have been vibing ever since.

The pair went to Bloemfontein for both their traditional and western wedding and shared the big day with viewers.

But Twitter is a difficult bunch to please, and soon fans were judging the dress, makeup and even the decor.

They also wanted to know what was up with Sam, who seemed like the quiet type who may not even have known he was getting married.

Others said not to underestimate him because he had several children and probably knew how to play games if you gave him the love controller.