The Herd is back and err'body's worried that Mamngadi ain't a witch!

15 April 2019 - 10:31 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Winnie Ntshaba plays Mamngadi in The Herd.
Winnie Ntshaba plays Mamngadi in The Herd.
Image: Via Instagram/Winnie Ntshaba

After all the drama, liver eating and witchcraft from last season, fans were eager to see what the second season of The Herd had in store - and they were not disappointed!

Mamngadi - played by Winnie Ntshaba - is back, but playing a meeker version of herself. This left a lot of viewers confused because they are used to the evil, feisty and outspoken Mamngadi.

She is surely the one to look out for, because she always has surprises up her sleeve and new levels of evil to unleash!

"Is Mamngadi still a witch?" asked tweeps as they watched the first episode.

Even though they didn't get their answer, the last three seconds of the episode let them know that there are still plenty of supernatural things ahead - like Nyamose's ghost, or was it a zombie? Maybe he didn't die like we thought he did!

No matter what the answer is, fans are ecstatic that the drama series is back - and they had the memes to prove it.