Bonang's late-night Twitter spree: 'Grow some balls'

17 April 2019 - 08:13 By Jessica Levitt
It's 2019 and B is not in the mood for any BS.
It's 2019 and B is not in the mood for any BS.
Image: BonangMatheba via Instagram

Bonang Matheba is the curator and owner of her brand, always careful about what she puts out on social media, including when responding to haters.

Even though she gives plenty of spice here and there, for the most part, B smiles and waves.

So when she put out a series of tweets about 2019 on her TL late on Tuesday night (well, late on South African time) it's safe to say that people took notice.

"Fit in. Or fuck off. It's 2019," reads one tweet. And that pretty much set the tone for the messages that followed.

With thousands of likes and comments, B sure got people talking.

Are the messages directed at someone? Was it low-key shade? Is there big news coming soon? Or was B spreading the gospel of 2019?