Thabo Rametsi reacts to being mistaken for Solomon Mahlangu on struggle heroes shirt

17 April 2019 - 07:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Thabo Rametsi played Solomon Mahlangu in the film 'Kalushi'.
Thabo Rametsi played Solomon Mahlangu in the film 'Kalushi'.
Image: Gallo Images / Sowetan / Thulani Mbele

Actor Thabo Rametsi expressed his grave disappointment on social media recently after he found out that instead of the late iconic Solomon Mahlangu, there were shirts being sold with his face among SA struggle heroes.

Several people took to social media to share a picture of a man wearing a supposed ANC t-shirt in honour of the fallen struggle icons. However, the space reserved for Solomon was occupied by Thabo's face.

The actor played the role of Solomon in the liberation struggle hero's film biopic Kalushi.

Attempts to contact Thabo for comment were unsuccessful, but taking to social media this week, Thabo said he was deeply saddened by the T-shirt phenomenon, which some people found funny.

"I know this has generated a lot of humour but there's also a great sadness in this. Solomon Mahlangu and many other unsung heroes of the struggle deserve so much more honor and respect.

"We shouldn't have mistakes like this. We wouldn't have them if we educated our people more about inspirational everyday people who made a difference like this incredible young man and those like him," Thabo said in an Instagram post.

Solomon was one of the youngest ANC cadres and in the height of apartheid, he left SA to be trained as an Umkhonto we Sizwe soldier in Mozambique and Angola. In 1977, he returned to SA as a cadre, heavily armed, through Swaziland. Soon after that he was arrested and then was sentenced to death by hanging under the Terrorism Act, aged 22.

Kalushi, the film that was made about his life starring Thabo and other actors such as Pearl Thusi, reminded the world of the brave young man that fought for freedom.

Thabo emphasised the importance of teaching the African history to the African people at schools and through mediums such as films as well.

"Our schools teach us about European history and yet we have so many great champions and history defining moments of our own that children need to see.

"I heard some people say they are tired of apartheid films will this is a result of your complacency. I will not grow tired of sharing the tales of our heroes whether it entertains you or not. When we do not honour the fallen we will fall again."