Papa Penny leaves fans in stitches with his 'fancy English'

18 April 2019 - 11:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Wednesday night will never be the same without Papa Penny.
Wednesday night will never be the same without Papa Penny.
Image: Supplied

If Papa Penny Penny carries on creating new words and meaning out of known English words, a couple more seasons and tweeps are convinced that Mzansi will have a whole new lingo!

Love him or not, Papa Penny is a trendsetter and every Wednesday night he pulls a Bonang Matheba with coining new words for viewers to use, even though sometimes it takes them a while to catch on to the meaning.

This week, Papa Penny was on a roll with the words and the phrases. It got so bad that people were sure that if there wasn't any subtitles, only 2% of viewers would fully understand what the legendary musician had said.

However, fans love it and are always willing to learn how to understand Papa Penny and what words they can use themselves.

Throughout the show, tweets kept popping up with quotes from the show accompanied by memes fans shared to express how much fun they were having.

In related reactions, fans of the reality show have also asked that the person responsible for writing out the subtitles every time Papa Penny speaks deserves not only a special mention but an award.

Black Twitter is willing to come together and put in some cents to buy him/her a worthy gift to say thank you!