Prayers flood in for Trevor Gumbi after he opens up about his struggles

18 April 2019 - 14:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Comedian Trevor Gumbi has been going through the most.
Comedian Trevor Gumbi has been going through the most.
Image: Via Instagram

Comedian Trevor Gumbi has got an outpouring of support from fans, after the star took to social media on Wednesday to post a message about his struggles.

Life is showing Trevor flames at the moment, and he told fans that it was becoming harder to look for hope when there seemed to be no light on the horizon.

"Just when I think I have taken more knocks than I can handle, life serves me with yet another knock. It is getting much harder to get up, but I must, as hard and bleak as it seems, I must get up. Even with no light on the horizon and no hope to get up for."

He ended his message with an encouragement to himself to get up one more time.

"Fall down 99 times, get up 100 times. Play to the final whistle," he added.

The comments section of the post was soon filled with messages of encouragement from fans and celeb friends alike.

DJ Sphectacula wrote: "Simon says; Get the f*ck up," while Janez wrote: "They'll knock you down 9 times, you'll get up 10."

Former 3 Talk presenter Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu's simply wrote: "You can do it Gumbi".

Former Football Wives’ Star Chanita Foster also sent her love and encouragement. She wrote: "You got this! Keep going! Love you, friend!"