Euphonik on why depression, suicides hit celebs: We think we know better

24 April 2019 - 07:00
Euphonik said celebrities in Mzansi needed to learn from the ones that came before them.
Image: Instagram Euphonik said celebrities in Mzansi needed to learn from the ones that came before them.

While more and more stories of Mzansi celebrities battling with depression have come out recently, DJs Chymamusique and Euphonik have offered their views on why they believe artists make “easier” prey to mental conditions such as depression.

While anybody can suffer from depression, the added pressure of having to deal with such a condition in the public space has made it difficult for some celebs to truly heal.

But more than that, Chymamusique pointed out that artists fall prey to the mental disease because of their inability to adapt to change and their assumption that they will be “on top” forever.

“The reason artists fall prey to depression and suicide is because they get used to being stars and they think they’ll stay on top forever," Chymamusique shared.

A sentiment that Euphonik was in full agreement of. He explained that part of the bigger problem for artists in celebville was the fact that they failed to learn from the people that came before them.

"We also don't learn from previous generations because we think we know better and are doing better."

While many other known and unknown artists offered their 2 cents on the issue, not all of them agreed with the sentiments.

Musician Lungi Naidoo shared her experience briefly and added that what Chymamusique shared was only partially true.

"The reason I said it’s not true is cos I went through this and it was not because I had fame or that music is all I do. But it was all the other things that the music industry presents to [a] woman that caused my depression. Chyma's statement is partially true but not entirely"