Hold up! Did the internet just find Shimza’s twin sister?

Even Shimza couldn't help but share a laugh at the resemblance

28 April 2019 - 11:59 By Kyle Zeeman
Shimza has found his look-a-like.
Shimza has found his look-a-like.
Image: Supplied

You have doppelgängers and then you have the lady who looks exactly like DJ Shimza.

The social media streets were filled with laughs this week when a pic of the lady was shared among users.

The lady's features resembled Shimza and it wasn't long before people started asking questions.

The post found its way to Shimza, who shared the snap with his followers and jokingly asked if they needed to call a TV reality show to come sort it out.

Fans were defeated by the post and soon filled timelines with memes and jokes about the "siblings".

They even named her "Shemza"- get it?