This video with Atandwa & John Kani is every one of us with our parents

01 May 2019 - 16:00 By Jessica Levitt
Atandwa played the perfect prank on his dad.
Atandwa played the perfect prank on his dad.
Image: Atandwa Kani via Instagram

Getting parents to learn the term selfie is almost as difficult as getting them to stand still for a picture.

So when Atandwa Kani played a joke on his dad, telling him to smile for a picture when it was actually a video, he represented all of us.

Shem. And then John Kani even tells his son to move the camera around so that there's a different background for the "picture".

Funny and heartwarming, Atandwa paid tribute to his dad in the caption.

"I strive daily to be a tenth of this man's greatness."

All the feels.

Watch the video below.