Flo Letoaba slams calls for SABC to 'stop recycling old faces' like hers

'What must I do with my experience then?' the news anchor asked

06 May 2019 - 13:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
SABC news anchor Flo Letoaba.
SABC news anchor Flo Letoaba.
Image: Twitter/Flo Letoaba

Just a few weeks after her return to the SABC, news anchor Flo Letoaba has responded to a tweet aimed at her complaining that SABC is in the habit of "recycling" old faces on its platforms.

The news anchor said her experience has earned her the right to get jobs she has worked hard to be good at, no matter what the platform is.

She took to Twitter to share her thoughts.

"Someone tweeted SABC must stop recycling old faces like mine batho ba modimo, so what must I do with my experience? If I’m required for good remuneration, good working conditions I take it, like anyone would in any other industry? Don’t worry about my face, worry about my brain," she tweeted.

Many tweeps popped up in her mentions to express the same sentiments saying that they also don't understand why people took aim at broadcasters or personalities in the media when people in other fields of work, like accounting or medicine, can work in one place for decades without it being an issue.